Busy bees

It's safe to say that a new year brings all kinds of goals and desires. If you're anything like me I am great at setting New Year resolutions but am terrible at following through with them.

Take this blog for instance! The good news is that we are heading into our fourth year at Hybrid Interactive and are off to a fantastic start.

Keep Moving and Building Towards a Brighter Future

2020 was a forgettable year and the pandemic certainly rocked us all to our core as a society. We were fortunate and blessed enough to do okay with all of the madness last year brought business wise, but, like most, we all struggled in our own ways coping with all the changes surrounding us.

I had a family member that contracted the virus, but luckily she recovered. Our team for the most part was fortunate enough not to be overly affected by it either. Yet there are tons of people still dealing with it even now.

But like anything that we have dealt with, we'll continue to grow and move towards a brighter future and hopefully we can bounce back even stronger than before.

Aspen recreation

Seeing the light at the end of a long tunnel...

We were engaged in quite the behemoth of a project with our new friends at Monument Graphics and Aspen Recreation Center. We partnered with Shaun at Monument Graphics to migrate Aspen Recreation Center off of a recently deprecated CMS, in Vae CMS, to a brand new Craft CMS website.

This was by far the most challenging, fun, and one of the largest builds that we have ever done as a team here at Hybrid Interactive.

A few highlights include:

  • Powerful VueJS navigation, calendar, and tons of other interactive components
  • A full design system which allows easy admin with a feature rich editing experience
  • Data migration from Vae CMS to Craft
  • Custom Module Development that feeds various components throughout the website

In fact, we are working on a proper case study for it which we hope outlines what we have learned, the obstacles we encountered, and what we learned during that process. Expect that in the coming weeks as there's much to digest.