Speedy, sleek, and mobile-friendly creates leads while making admin easier

Hybrid Interactive developed an interactive lead generator with our friends at The Insurance Loft built with React, Craft specifically utilizing Sprout Forms Plugin to create an easy-to-use application that delivers results.

The Insurance Loft approached us to help create a sleek and user-friendly application to help increase their Business Insurance offerings. We created the application in Craft 3 utilizing Sprout Forms robust API to communicate with a custom React app.

The insurance industry is a tough nut to crack.

There are many company's out there that are competing with other company's vying for customer's attention. You need to stand out, offer great service, unbiased advice, and offer better technology so that it's easy for customer's to use your product.

We love working with The Insurance Loft because they think outside of the box and are extremely thoughtful when it comes to creating unique experiences.

The challenge with this project was to avoid screen refreshes, make creating forms easy, and create an experience! Enter React JS and Craft.

There were many challenges at play here. The Insurance Loft needed nested Categories for their subsets of different types of Business Insurance so customers could get customized options.

The insurance loft business application showing categories

To handle this we utilized Craft's Category fields with a slew of fields to make the process for the client as easy as possible.

The insurance loft business application showing categories editing

Craft was the obvious choice here because of its powerful set of tools and options of dependable plugins.

The Insurance Loft's main website is built on ExpressionEngine and is a fine CMS in its own right. This kind of project had its own set of unique requirements that Craft handled easily.

The end result is a nice interface that is easily maintainable by the client.

Happy clients make us happy.