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Helping returning citizens find information that will help them navigate life outside of the walls.

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For all the ques­tions that may come up dur­ing the reentry pro­cess, ​“Where do I start?” is one of the hard­est and most import­ant to answer. Return Home Bal­timore was cre­ated to be that start­ing point for return­ing cit­izens in Bal­timore City.

There's something special about working with non-profits. Not only do we get to develop a lasting relationship with some great people, we also impact humanity for the better.


The Return Home Baltimore project has been extremely rewarding for our team. It's not every day that we get the opportunity to work with a group of people so passionate to help citizens acclimate themselves to life outside of prison. We love working with non-profits as that presents an opportunity to impact humanity outside our typical eCommerce and marketing sites.

We worked hand in hand with their designer to help create a simple, and robust platform that will help users find jobs, housing, food, education, and so much more.

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