Our Journey

San Diego California
The brothers lived in San Diego, California until 1993

About the brother's journey

Josh (formerly Mine Mind Media) and Mark (formerly Encrypt Designs) are two brothers from a huge family, 11 to be exact (yes, E-L-E-V-E-N). They both spent their adolescents in California.

In January 1993, their parents thought it was wise to move them, along with their other siblings, to Wisconsin (in the middle of winter no-less.). This move saw many obstacles on the way: truck breaking down in Flagstaff, their mom getting pulled over for going too slow through the Rockies (to her defense she was driving a ’82 Ford Granada station wagon whilst pulling a 5’x8′ packed-to-the-brim U-haul), and other speed bumps along the way.

In 2000, Josh went off to school in Arizona after working for the boys’ father as a web designer for a few years. Once Josh left Mark was asked from his father “Do you want me to pay you to learn this website stuff?” Mark went on to work for his father building hundreds of e-commerce, marketing, and CMS websites for over 7 years.

In 2007, Mark left Wisconsin to work full-time for a startup in Denver, CO. A little before this time Josh wound up in Milwaukee working for Buy Costumes. They both carried on with their lives: Mark freelanced in between jobs with several agencies; Josh did much of the same (even in Costa Rica!) until their paths once again crossed in October of 2016.

In October, 2016 Josh moved to Colorado to live with Mark. They always relished at working together. After many months of discussing it the time finally worked out! The two brothers joined forces to create a unique, collaborative, and hard-working agency: Hybrid Interactive.

Their hope is to pair Josh’s stellar WordPress development and project managing skills, with Mark’s exceptional CMS (Craft, ExpressionEngine, and WordPress) development, and passion for frontend development, and parlay that into success for their clients.

Don't know where to start?

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