SEO / Speed Test Audits

Don’t let your website slow you down.

It’s easy to spend all of this money on a brand new website to help boost your SEO, overall web presence, and enhance your visitors’ experience. But all of that goes out the window if your website is slower than molasses.

We use a bevy of tools to analyze your website to determine the following:

  • Potential bottlenecks
  • What kind of shape is the codebase in?
  • Are there any errors?
  • How functional is it?
  • How limiting is it?
  • What kinds of improvements can be made with its current state?

Our audit will provide valuable intel on how, not only on how the site performs, but also how easy, or not so easy, it is to use. It will also provide a barometer on what future additions and modifications can be done.

Get a better looking & performing website today!

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