A rewarding start

It's been extremely rewarding that we have been able to sustain our success from year one and parlayed those experiences to offer more services to our customers in year 2, and now closing in on our third year in business.

With a few years of building upon solid working relationships with our clients, we're expanding our offerings and service to the community.

Hi plugins

Upping Our Craft CMS Plugin Game

We have several WordPress plugins under our belt for various clients. Now we're looking at taking over the maintenance and updates to several plugins from a well-known author.

We recently are taking up the mantle to handle the maintenance of three of our favorite Craft CMS plugins from the rockstar Rias. He's leaving the plugin game after years of building some of the most popular free plugins that have helped make Craft CMS so awesome to work with for so many developers.

We are excited for this new phase of product offerings and have had internal discussions on how to push these upward and onward 💪

We'll need some time to get our ducks in a row with some of the outstanding issues therein, but be on the lookout for those to receive the TLC that they need.

Getting In On The Headless Fun

We have been developing websites utilizing aspects of headless CMS development for quite some time. Whether that was helping out clients build interactive maps, data structures, or single page apps. We have an innate fascination with the ever changing landscape of web development. When new technologies present themselves we are eager to get our hands on them and understand them from the ground up.

Now that Craft CMS has gone headless, we've really been working hard on several projects showcasing this skillset. We've been working on our own (and much needed redesign) website as time has permitted.

We're extremely pleased with the progress of that undertaking and hope to have that out in the wild in the coming month(s).

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